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The ruins of the ancient city of Solin (Roman Salona), among the vineyards at the foot of mountains just northeast of Split, are the most archaeologically important in Croatia. The first mentioned was in 119 BC as the center of the Illyrian tribe. The Romans seized the site in 78 BC and under the rule of Augustus it became the administrative headquarters of the Roman Dalmatian province. When Emperor Diocletian built his palace in Split at the end of the 3rd century AD, it was the proximity to Salona that attracted him. Salona was incorporated into the Eastern Roman Empire in the 6th century, but was levelled by the Slavs and Avars in 614. The inhabitants came to Split and neighbouring islands, leaving Salona to decay.

Salona Klis Trogir private day trip Highlights:

Salona Klis Trogir private day trip includes visiting Cathedral of St. Lovro, Kamerlengo Fortress, Town Hall, Convent of St. Nicholas, Grand Cipiko Palace, Town Museum, North Gate, Ancient city Salona, The Amphitheater at Salona, Fortress Klis


Tour type: walking tour
Duration: 5 hours
Period: all year long

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DRIVING air-conditioned vehicle, Entrance to The Amphitheater at Salona , Fortres Klis. Visit  Trogir. Salona , Klis. Tourist escorts, Refreshments, english speaking Driver

Klis Fortress is located 13km northeast of the town Split in Croatia. Due to its location on a pass that separates two mountains, the fortress has helped defend the region on many occasions throughout history. Klis Fortress is a small medieval stronghold near Split, Croatia. The fortress dates back to the seventh century. Though it started as a small stronghold, it developed into a royal castle and eventually a large fortress during the Ottoman wars. Throughout history, it has been the seat of many Croatian rulers. It served as a crossroads between the Balkans and the Mediterranean, and as a result, it was often under attack. The fortress was conquered several times by the Ottomans, Venetians and Austrians. One of the reasons why we will visit Klis Fortess is Game of Thrones. Croatia has become a key destination for many of the scenes in the series and some of those locations are located around Split. As the demand for visiting these areas has increased so have the prices of the tours available, I wasn’t willing to pay for a tour and chose to make my own way to Klis Fortress.
Enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Croatia – Trogir. Gorgeous and tiny, Trogir is beautifully set within medieval walls, its streets knotted and mazelike. It’s fronted by a wide seaside promenade lined with bars and cafes, and yachts in the summer. Trogir is unique among Dalmatian towns for its profuse collection of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture (which flourished under Venetian rule); this, along with its magnificent cathedral, earned its World Heritage status in 1997.

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