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A World Heritage Site enclosed within massive city walls on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without a walk around the spectacular city walls, the finest in the world and the city's main claim to fame. From the top, the view over the old town and the shimmering Adriatic is sublime. You can get a good handle on the extent of the shelling damage in the 1990s by gazing over the rooftops: those sporting bright new terracotta suffered damage and had to be replaced.

The first set of walls to enclose the city was built in the 9th century. In the middle of the 14th century the 1.5m-thick defense was fortified with 15 square forts. The threat of attacks from the Turks in the 15th century prompted the city to strengthen the existing forts and add new ones, so that the entire old town was contained within a stone barrier 2km long and up to 25m high.

Regardless of whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the 100th, the sense of awe never fails to rise when you set eyes on the beauty of this old town.

Although the shelling of Dubrovnik in 1991 horrified the world, the city has bounced back with characteristic vigour to enchant visitors again.

Private day trip Dubrovnik Highlights:

Private day trip Dubrovnik includes visiting City Walls & Forts, Franciscan Monastery & Museum, Cathedral of the Assumption, Rector’s Palace, St. Blaze’s  Church , Orlando Column, Sponza Palace, Dominican Monastery & Museum, Pile Gate


Tour type: walking tour
Duration: 11 hours
Period: all year long

We’ll contact you to make itinerary according to your preferences.


DRIVING air-conditioned vehicle,  Panoramic ride, Cable car (optional), Tourist escorts, Refreshments, Wine tasting (Rizman or Miloš winery) per your request, Visit to Ston (per your request), english speaking Driver

*TRIPS TO work in small groups (up to 8 people) so we can devote more time and give you the opportunity to CREATE YOUR TIME AND YOUR EXSCURSION.

Private tour : 450 €

Price: 225 € per person up to 2 persone

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